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Finance and Business welcomes visitors to our site! Finance and Business is a scientific and practical journal concerned with all aspects of the economic processes on the macro and micro levels. Its unique focus covers such topics as the development of financial markets and the Russian banking system, of tax law, issues of accountancy and audit, financial management, as well as modern aspects of economic theory.

Focus on the development of the market predetermined our interest to the origins of Russian economic thought, especially in the areas of finance and accounting. We strive to give to our readers access to articles that either never appeared in the press, or belong to the unknown works if the leading scientists.

The Editorial Board includes the leading academicians in the field of economic science from the Russian Academy of Sciences and the universities, thus contributing to the success of the journal.

The journal is included in the "List of journals and publications where the scientific results of applicants for the degrees of doctor and or candidate of economic sciences are to be reflected", approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

We aim to increase the number of our readers and authors, including our foreign colleagues, to promote dialogue between science, education and practice, between the financial and non-financial sectors. We would be grateful for your feedback helping to improve the journal.


Prof. Irina Eliseeva


Corresponding Member

of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

Doctor of Economics,

Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation

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History of the Journal Creation

Finance and Business journal was created in 2005 to fill the gap in scientific journals focusing on financial and economic issues. The idea of creating a serious periodical journal originated from the management of the Moscow-based publishing house "Prospekt".

Leading economists of our country have teamed up around the journal. The creators of the journal aimed at contributing to the development of a market economy, strengthening of the banking sector and credit policies, the improvement of accounting and tax legislation.